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What's a web app?

Web Apps or Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) look like regular mobile apps but don't need to be downloaded, as they use web technologies. You can use them on your phone's browser and install a shortcut on your home screen.

Just like native apps, PWAs are built with features like push notifications and the ability to work offline. So the user experience is exactly the same!

What are their benefits?

Lighter and more sustainable

A web app's size is smaller than its native alternative. Sparing data is not only useful for your phone's storage space, but it also means less energy use and CO2 emission. For example, Twitter's web app is 600Kb, instead of 206Mb for its native app! These badges estimate how much storage space and CO2 emission you avoid by choosing the web app.

Save 55 Mo

Save 825 CO2

Automatic updates

No need to update your web app on the AppStore or PlayStore, it updates automatically and instantly.

Short Loading Time

Because they are so light, web apps load 15 times faster than native apps. (Read more on AppInstitute)(AppInstitute, 2017)